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6 helpful videos for coding, STEM, and more

These videos from Common Sense Education can help educators boost professional learning and offer tips to engage students in learning

Videos have many benefits in the classroom; if they’re engaging, informative, and inspiring, they can appeal to students of different learning styles.

They’re also valuable tools for educators who wish to access on-demand resources for students, who want to learn more new instructional strategies, or who want to expand their professional learning.

Check out the following six videos for help with your professional learning network (PLN), fact-checking images online, learning about website privacy and security, and more.

These videos are supplied by the editors of Common Sense Education, which helps educators find the best ed-tech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly.

1. How to Fact-Check Images with Google
Have you ever wondered about the source or history behind an image? Google image search can help provide answers. Whether you’re doing research or just curious, reverse image search offers a digital paper trail of where an image has appeared on the internet. All you need to do is drag and drop an image into the search bar, paste a url into the search bar, or right click on an image when using the Chrome browser.


Laura Ascione

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