6 things you need to know about digital badges

A quick look at what digital badges are and how they work

3. Are digital badges only awarded for big accomplishments?
Digital badges are available for a variety of learning and PD. Just like in scouting, you can earn badges that are part of a larger accomplishment. Some learning providers have what are called micro-credentials, and those micro-credentials can stack up to a larger credential or achievement.

4. Will my students get digital badges?
While your students probably aren’t earning digital badges yet, you can bet they will at some point in their lives. Hundreds of organizations are issuing badges already, including universities like Harvard, SUNY, Northwestern and Michigan State. And it’s not just universities. Companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and Intel award digital badges as well.

5. Are digital badges only recognized in the United States?
There is a worldwide standard for digital badges. Universities and companies around the world are issuing them, ensuring that your accomplishment has meaning around the globe.

6. Why should I get a digital badge?
One of the most important reasons to start earning digital badges, besides sharing your achievements, is to set an example for your students. According to U.S. News and World Report, digital badges on a student’s resume boost their employability and can help show skills that aren’t typically on a school transcript.

[Editor’s note: This article was originally posted on the Participate blog.]


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