STEM grants

6 STEM grants to try in the new school year

Got STEM funding hurdles? These grants might be able to help

There’s no arguing the importance of STEM education, but schools and districts don’t always have the money for “extra” STEM activities for students or teachers.

That’s where grants come into the picture–an enterprising educator can snag extra funding or additional resources for classroom STEM projects and can help students do the same.

Check out the following five grants; we have some for students, some for educators, and they all focus on STEM teaching and learning.

1. In the Powered Paper Airplane Challenge, students are challenged to design creative, aerodynamic paper airplanes that can hit a target–but there’s a twist. They get to use the POWERUP 2.0 Free Flight, a battery-powered propeller that gives a student’s paper airplane more than 30 seconds of flight. After registering, educators receive a six-lesson Teachers’ Guide that helps them teach students about aeronautics and challenges them to think critically while designing their paper airplane. When students are ready to test their airplanes, clip on the POWERUP 2.0 Free Flight motor, launch it, and record. Educators can upload their flight videos to POWERUP Toys’ FlightDeck online learning community between October 1-October 31.
Deadline: Sept. 28, 2018  

Laura Ascione

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