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4 ways education leaders can support better instruction

Not all teachers approach changes in teaching and learning in the same way--here's how school leaders can support educators' varying needs

It’s not always easy to move new ideas for teaching and learning from theory to practice, but a new theory offers a framework to help education leaders foster support among teachers for new initiatives.

Many school initiatives fail because education leaders “thrust new programs into classrooms in a top-down manner and compel teachers to change their practices to keep up with the new program,” according to research from the Clayton Christensen Institute.

“Lackluster results then follow because the initiatives never account for the goals, struggles, and day-to-day priorities of the professional educators charged with faithful implementation,” write authors Thomas Arnett, Bob Moesta, and Michael B. Horn.

In a paper explaining how to motivate teachers to adopt new practices, the authors say education leaders have to take into account the true interests and motivations of teachers. But, they add, knowing how to align a new initiative with teachers isn’t an easy task.

Laura Ascione

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