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6 new apps to know, love, and use

With powerful apps and a confident educator, students can get even more from lessons

Apps are fun and engaging tools for educators who have access to mobile devices and who want to use digital resources with students.

And sure, apps are great, but teachers don’t always have time to search through lists of apps and ensure they’re appropriate for students–and this means everyone misses out on what could be a memorable learning activity.

The editors of Common Sense Education review and rate apps for students of all ages. Common Sense Education helps educators find the best edtech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly.

Check out this list of apps, ranging from kindergarten through high school and touching on topics such as chess, geography, literacy, and more.

1. Magnus Kingdom of Chess: Gentle chess puzzle game ideal for young newbies
Teachers can use Magnus Kingdom of Chess as a fun but gentle introduction to the game of chess for even the youngest students. It can be used in math class or as a critical thinking lesson. It’s perfect for those brand new to the game, or even for those who have a little experience. There isn’t much reading involved, so it can be used with pre-readers or English language learners.

Laura Ascione

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