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Are we truly helping our students build workforce-ready skills?

A new survey delves into the impending STEM pipeline shortage by asking educators if they're confident in teaching higher-level technology skills

Concerns about college graduates being under-prepared to enter the workforce are rooted in K-12 technology and career-readiness skills, as many district leaders wonder if teachers are confident enough to teach the higher-level skills our future workers need.

A 2018 study from PwC and the Business-Higher Education Forum reflects a growing worry about the gap between the expectations of educators and the expectations of business executives when it comes to preparing students for entry into the workforce.

That study shows that 79 percent of CEOs are worried that a shortage of highly trained workers with the right STEM and computing skills will inhibit their companies’ expansion.

PwC next surveyed more than 2,000 K-12 educators to better understand the struggles teachers face as they help young people build digital skills, and that survey sheds some light on the realities of equipping students with the skills they’ll need for future success.

Laura Ascione

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