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The Principal of Change, a blog by George Couros, needs to be at the top of every must-read list. Couros, a former classroom teacher and principal, is pretty widely known in education circles following the publication of his best-selling book, The Innovator’s Mindset. He publishes multiple posts weekly and the content is relevant for anyone who is interested in improving education.

One of my favorite Couros quotes is in reference to when people refer to a new educational resource a “game changer.”

His response?

“The ‘game changer’ is and always will be being open to new learning opportunities, doing something with them, and making that human connection to our learners.”

Regular readers of his blog get to see countless first-hand examples of someone who shares their experience taking advantage of new learning opportunities In addition, his ability to connect with his readers is second to none. Be sure to follow and connect with Couros on Twitter as well.

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