First, you need to install the add-on if you have not done so already.

  • From Google Sheets, click “Add-ons” then “Get add-ons.” You can do this right from your form-populated spreadsheet.
  • Scroll down to find “Save as Doc” or search for “Save as Doc.”
  • Click the “+ FREE” button to install the add-on.

Using Saveasdoc with form spreadsheet responses.

  • Start by selecting the rows and columns of data you wish to turn into a Google Doc. You can select all if you wish to collect everything.
  • To select data, hold down your mouse button, and drag to highlight the desired data in your Google Sheet.

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  • Now click “Add-ons” then “Save as Doc” and “Start.” This will open a panel on the right side of the Sheet.

  • For “Save Doc file” type in a name for the new document that will hold the data.
  • Check “Include Headings” if you would like the column headings to appear above each item in the Doc. This is useful to remember which question each answer goes with.
  • You can also select the size for the headings in the Doc from “Heading 1” (large) to “Heading 5” (small).
  • Check the box for “Add a page break after each row” to start a new page in the Google Doc for each set of form responses. This will separate all the responses from each person on a different page of the Doc.
  • Finally, click the “Save as Doc” button.
  • When done, you can click the “Open the Doc” link to view your new document.
  • You will have all of the responses to your Google Form in an easy to read Google Doc.

Final thoughts
Certainly, there are other options for reformatting the responses in a Google Form. For example, you could use the “autoCrat” add-on for Sheets to merge the responses into separate Google Docs. Although I love autoCrat and use it extensively, it is more complicated, and more powerful, than what you may need.

So if you need a quick and easy way to make your Form responses easier to read, the “Save as Doc” add-on is a perfect match.

About the Author:

Dr. Michael Gaskell has been principal of Hammarskjold Middle School in East Brunswick, N.J. since 2006, following experience as a special educator and assistant principal in Paramus, NJ. Gaskell achieved his doctorate in educational leadership in 2014 and continues to model the pursuit of lifelong learning as he serves as a mentor to new principals in other schools through the NJEA Leaders to Leaders program. In his work as a principal, he works tirelessly to support instructional excellence, his faculty, the district, and, most important, the children as benefactors of idea sharing.