2 crucial lessons to help your district manage change

Thoughtful change management is a key part of being a leader

TLC makes a difference
Another key to change management is to ensure that the necessary training aids and supports are in place. When making a minor change to our departmental file-sharing system, I created a short instructional video, provided a face-to-face training session that included hard-copy instructions, and offered desk-side training for several team members. In addition, I gave a hard copy of the instructional handout to everyone who couldn’t attend the face-to-face training.

We also provided online training opportunities through a commercial service for those seeking additional assistance. One of my colleagues thought I was overdoing it in providing supports. “This is not a big deal,” he told me. But several other staff members expressed appreciation for the multiple ways support was provided.

Don’t assume that all staff will view a change as “minor.” Some will see it as a much larger issue. To some, juggling the binary 0s & 1s might as well be magic; they see it as unfathomable. Even as technology becomes infused in all aspects of our professional lives, we need to remember that many of our staff and students have much less comfort in responding to changes in their technology environment than we do as edtech leaders. We need to remember those perspectives as we plan and implement change across our systems.

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