The story of a magical musical app

Here's a secret for helping your students become deeper learners

Unprompted, students began exploring subjects outside of geography. To me, this is testament to the value of edtech, with the ability to inspire students to look beyond the basic requirements to see the value of broadening their knowledge.

In conjunction with Studytracks, I used Google Classroom to collaborate and share data with students. I brought gamification to life through Kahoot! and made lesson plans interactive with Nearpod.

The combination of these tech-based resources helps my students understand curriculum in a way I haven’t previously seen. Students are now taking ownership of their learning and are able to identify where they are struggling—giving me the ability to offer more support where it’s needed.

Best of all, students feel motivated to learn. Studytracks has a leaderboard where students can compete through quiz scores, giving an extra incentive to do well on exams. Motivation paired with the right resources is resulting in a transformational change across curriculum.

Incredible results
After implementing a music-based approach to learning last year, out of 19 students who passed the AP geography exam, 15 used Studytracks. Two of the three students who had the highest score of five used the app on a regular basis. In addition to this statistic, more than 75 percent of students who earned a passing grade in my geography class last year used the tool in and outside of the classroom.

I feel empowered to help students in a way that I couldn’t before. One student who previously struggled with reading was able to work at his own pace at home. Listening to music gave him confidence and increased understanding.

This initial success has inspired my school to continue to see where we can go with the help of digital learning tools. We’ve seen the tangible value that edtech can bring, and we’re going to continue to see how to harness it.

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