SEL + restorative practices = a safe, supportive school climate

See how a Philadelphia elementary school reduced suspensions and increased attendance

Since the pilot program was initiated in the 2017-18 school year, suspensions at Henry have decreased from 48 in 2016-17 to two so far in 2018-19. In addition, the number of students with 95 percent+ attendance has increased to 426. But despite the success, the administrators aren’t pulling back on the training. All new teachers have RP in their contracts, and all teacher groups devote at least one meeting a month to RP and SEL.

“We just realized that making certain that the same exact way we professionally develop teachers in literacy, math, social studies, science, and those key areas in school, we also have to provide opportunity to have professional development for social emotional learning and restorative practices,” said Rogers about continual staff training. “We [have] to come together as a staff to meet the needs of the students.”

About the Presenters
Fatima Rogers is principal at Charles W. Henry School in Philadelphia. The school is implementing a comprehensive school climate strategy, including SEL and restorative practices. Rogers’ expertise as a school administrator, her inclusive leadership strategies, and her understanding that school climate is the foundation for academic success combine to make her an excellent presenter on the real-world issues and benefits of implementing SEL and RP together.

Jody Greenblatt oversees school climate and safety for the School District of Philadelphia. Her team of specialists supports the district’s multi-tiered system of supports, including integrated implementation of SEL and RP.

About the Host
Juliet Kandel has worked in SEL, violence prevention, and substance abuse prevention since 1989. Formerly a district and school-level prevention coordinator, she has been with the nonprofit Committee for Children since 2003, where she is the implementation and training manager. She supports systemic SEL implementations across the country through consultation, strategic partnerships, and professional development.

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