The most important lessons we learned this year

2 educators share valuable insight they gained in 2018

2. Don’t assume, and be patient.
Some of us may not admit it, but every now and then, we all need a little attitude check. I have learned to not assume that students know how to behave and have begun focusing more on teaching them why we should treat others with respect and how to model good behavior in everything we do.

My job isn’t just to teach students about core topics like math, reading, science, and social studies. I have learned that I need to gradually release information instead of bombarding them with too much at one time. When teachers spend the time getting to know their students on a personal level, they can better understand how they learn and what works best for them. I work with students who come from very challenging and rough situations, and that has proven to have a negative impact on their lives. My job is to be someone they can rely on, share information with, confide in about their problems, and work with to build necessary skills that they can use outside the classroom. Every child deserves to have time in their day to play, have fun, and create lifelong memories with their friends.
—Amber Bush

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