5 reasons why our employees complete safety training online

Online job training can make everyone's lives easier

4. It frees up precious in-service days.
We spent so much of our in-service days on compliance training that we felt like it was taking away our staff’s opportunity for other professional development. While safety training is very important, our staff needed time to hone their teaching skills. Now that staff training takes place online, our in-service days are dedicated to curriculum-related issues and classroom matters like our districtwide literacy initiative that requires our educators to use an online phonics program.

5. It decreases error and increases accountability.
Our online training system has so much automation. When we hire a new employee, they are automatically enrolled in and receive all required training courses. When the system assigns a course to employees, the email includes a training deadline and the employee will automatically receive periodic reminder emails to complete the courses. When the training deadline passes, the system automatically sends training completion reports to our administration, making it easy for them to follow up with staff. Lastly, because all training transcripts are automatically updated and stored online, we do not need to worry about losing training logs or recording course completion incorrectly. If we need to consult a staff member’s training records, it only takes a few clicks. All of this helps decrease our district’s liability should an incident occur because we can prove the employee was trained on safety best practices.

For us, the promises rang true. Using online training makes our jobs easier. Our educators can refocus on student progress and our administrators can put their time and effort into other tasks that help our district run smoothly.

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