Recharge Yourself

Feeling the midyear slump? Recharge your meetings with MicroPD

Try this quick, invigorating practice to encourage your teachers to bond

How our teachers responded
Not only did the teachers love this concept, but it truly uplifted them, empowering them through bonding. They jumped right into the rest of the meeting with energy, humor, and creativity!

This simple, easy-to-replicate concept now occurs weekly, and we are adding in some fun ideas, such as a teacher offering their own creativity to their colleagues or other inspiring concepts. Additionally, we end the meeting with something interesting and/or positive that we experienced. It doesn’t have to be related to school—just something worthy of sharing. I shared that I got a new wifi-enabled crock pot, determined to help my family eat healthier meals during the week. Five faculty emailed me recipes and inspiration. We all learn something new about each other, and a pair of teachers realized they were running in the same marathon this spring.

MicroPD is here to stay at my school. It’s quick, re-energizing, and bonds faculty right before they go back into their classrooms and teach their students. What better ingredient can we infuse into their focus on instruction and learning? There is nothing more powerful than teachers sharing with their colleagues.

Here’s a video of a recent MicroPD session.

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