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What are this year’s top trends at SXSW EDU?

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Mental Health & Well-being
As students interact with the increasingly complex world around them, there is a growing need for education communities to be responsive to the mental well-being of their learners. Both in-school and out-of-school factors impact student performance, and there’s a growing movement for institutions to play an important role in addressing them. Self-reflection and processing trauma are now key skills required to demonstrate resilience in work.

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School Safety
Increased threats to safety and security on school and college campuses have prompted an immediate and extensive reaction across the country as students, parents, educators, and lawmakers seek to understand the dangers facing learners. Efforts to ensure and maintain a safe educational environment extend to building an inclusive campus culture where students feel comfortable learning, free from bullying, harm, or violence.

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Students as Agents of Change
Around the country and across the globe we are seeing an unprecedented groundswell of students speaking out with the fundamental belief that young people have the power to drive real and meaningful change. From curriculum co-creation to community activism and student-led demonstrations, today’s learners are taking action.

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