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The 7 coolest edtech products I saw at FETC

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4. Alive Studios’ Rugs Alive

Talk about immersive! Rugs Alive are colorful classroom rugs that come to life with the free Rugs alive app. Students can learn about the world’s animal habitats, explore 26 animals in 3D, take fun photos with their favorite animal, brush up on upper- and lower-case letters, and more. The Rugs alive mobile app turns smartphones and tablets into magic windows as the animals jump, run, swim, dance, and perform. Students can also practice early STEM concepts by matching the right habitat with each animal.

5. Epson’s LightScene

Introducing a new category in projection: accent-lighting laser projection for digital art and signage. Districts can use the LightScene for signage, wayfinding, school branding, and promotional messaging. Display your school logo across the lobby, direct parents to the auditorium for Back to School Night, or showcase student projects on the walls. The projector comes pre-loaded with templates, effects, and color filters (or you can create your own).

6. Encyclopaedia Britannica’s LumieLabs

Say hello to video storytelling with LumieLabs™, which uses video creation and digital storytelling to engage today’s media-obsessed generation. The platform, which features millions of royalty-free clips, editing tools, and personalized, project-based video lessons, enables students to tell digital stories that combine footage, images, music, text, and a narrative voice. Whether they use the provided media or add their own images, video, and voice-overs, students develop creativity, research, writing, critical-thinking skills, and more.

7. MERGE Cube

I was looking for practical uses for AR, and the MERGE Cube is a great example. This lightweight foam cube + an iOs, Android, or Windows 10 device + educational apps lets students hold and interact with virtual objects while allowing teachers to bring lessons to life. For example, students can hold the solar system, human heart, or ancient artifacts as part of lessons or labs. Students can also code and design in Tinkercad, SketchFab, Paint 3D, or CoSpaces Edu and hold their creations as virtual objects instead of 3D printing them. MERGE EDU is a new subscription-based AR/VR software platform for active learning. The platform offers single sign-on access to nearly 100 STEM-topic modules aligned to NGSS standards and allows teachers and students to access AR objects, VR experiences, lesson content, and activity plans.

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