#3 – Compete for prizes

I didn’t appreciate the power of contests and prizes until I tried out Kahoot and Goosechase. Teachers, as well as their students, can do awesome things when motivated.

One motivation may be a STEAM contest for a grade level. Check out this fun Facebook post from Joy Freeman Schwartz, TCEA area director. She writes (adapted for length):

“Congratulations to Blanchette Elementary’s 3rd graders. They won the 2nd District STEM Challenge (design and Create Santa a new sleigh)! Thank you, Sebrina Dollar, for allowing them take part!! Great job and super sweet students!!”

Prizes for students can be inexpensive. Prizes for teachers can be simple, such as a lottery ticket or a “jeans day” pass. And, of course, ask local businesses for coupons.

#4 – Get sponsors to celebrate projects

Work with your regional education service centers and organizations to highlight success. You can invite local businesses in the community to celebrate technology projects. These could be projects students have made or clever idea from teachers. For example, create a Top Chef program such as what TCEA member Debbie Boyer did for her school district.

5 ways to promote & share #edtech success

Invite sponsors to offer prizes and deliver those in person. What a great photo opportunity for the district and the sponsor(s). More important than that, students and teachers see their work valued.

#5 – Launch a digital badge program for edtech success

Adopt a technology framework, like Dr. Tony Tipton’s and Daniel Rich’s PAGER Model. The PAGER model makes use of all the key elements required for inquiry-based learning. Those include real world authentic learning and engaged student-produced, teacher-facilitated activities. Learn more about it online.

Take that model and go one step further. Follow in the footsteps of Van ISD’s “Bold School Badging” program. Their vision is to focus teachers’ attention on impacting student learning. How? Focus on student-centered learning. Educators earn badges as they complete professional development and receive incentives.

Don’t be afraid to “toot your own horn!” Celebrate the exciting work teachers and students are doing. Use these approaches to promote and share campus successes.

About the Author:

Transforming teaching, learning, and leadership through the strategic application of technology has been Miguel Guhlin’s motto. He is a veteran educator comfortable with modeling the use of technology at the classroom, campus, and district level. He earned his ISTE Certified Educator status in September, 2018.