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Data-informed instruction can affect every lesson; here’s how

Both formal and informal data are essential to informing instruction

While showing data available in Scholastic’s programs, Lucas reiterated that many literacy programs collect information. Teachers need to be familiar not only with what data they can see but also understand how they can apply it to their students. For example, Haggen used data-informed instruction to help create lifelong readers. Using student information, he would match students with authentic texts that spark their interest but are written for their reading level.

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Finally, Haggen advised attendees to not discount student’s preferred online reading material. “That’s why it’s important that we also understand that students really actually like reading digital books… And it’s okay to do some of the shorter reading. I even encourage them going online and doing whatever reading they want which can lead to more reading and more reading of stories,” said Haggen. “I say do both. Do what you’re doing online with your Googling or Snapchat or whatever it is they’re doing as well as encouraging them to read books online too.”

About the Presenters

Michael Haggen is chief academic officer for Scholastic Education. In this role, he ensures that Scholastic is a responsive comprehensive literacy partner to pre-K through grade 12 districts nationwide. In Haggen’s 20 years of academic experience, he has served as a teacher, principal, chief academic officer, and direct report to superintendents. His hands-on approach has led to significant change, most recently in East Baton Rouge Parish School System in Louisiana, where he was deputy superintendent.

Suzanne Lucas is vice president of product marketing for Scholastic Education Digital Solutions. A former first-grade teacher, she works across Scholastic supporting new program development and marketing.

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