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4 ways that better edtech management empowered our district

How Montana’s largest school district manages an effective technology implementation program to support student learning

Saving time with streamlined workflows

We’ve been able to streamline our device-management workflows—from deployment and patching to supplying a whole classroom of devices with the software they need for their next lesson. Without this level of multi-platform endpoint management, we would easily need four to six more computer techs in our district. A 4,000-device high school should be unmanageable for a single tech, but that’s the kind of support we’re able to provide with FileWave.

Managing student devices

At the classroom level, we have made great strides in supporting student learning. Using profile-based permissions, we can now set up our iPads so that students can’t delete required apps from their devices. Our students can also be locked into the required apps for their classes to ensure they stay focused on their work.

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As we all know, technology can have a positive, significant impact on student learning, but only if teachers can control the technology—not the other way around. With the support of our dedicated technology integration specialists for the district, we’ve been working with our educators to build the pedagogical basis for our tech. We now feel like we’re making strides on integrating technology in meaningful ways for our students and teachers.

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