A female teacher sits in her classroom and is frustrated--it's important to support struggling teachers.

4 ways to identify and support your struggling teachers

Whether the issues are personal or professional, a few timely words from the principal can go a long way to help struggling teachers

When you’re happy, you’re better at your job. As a principal, I want to make my school a happy place, but it’s not just about making work more fun. It’s about creating an environment where teachers feel fulfilled in their hearts so they can give more of themselves to their kids.

As a leader, I model and live out the 7 Mindsets, which our school follows. “The time is now,” is an important one right now. To me, that means embracing every moment by letting my teachers know that I appreciate them and see how hard they’re working.

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Every night, I send texts or emails to three different teachers to praise something I saw them do that day. I’ll say, “I just wanted you to know how proud I was of you in that meeting, and how you represented your student.” Or, “I was peeking in your classroom today, and I saw you working with a child. I didn’t want to interrupt, but it just warmed my heart, and I wanted to let you know that you’re the type of teacher that I would want my own child to have.”

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