Disorganized squares and triangles are moved into orderly rows, illustrating change management.

These 2 things can guide your change management

Thoughtful change management is a key part of being a leader--here are a couple guiding principles to help you proceed

There are a number of old sayings about learning to understand another by walking in their shoes, moccasins, or sandals. Since those sayings cross quite a few cultures and were even turned into an Elvis Presley song—“Walk a Mile in My Shoes”—maybe edtech leaders need to consider the concept behind the saying. When IT leaders make decisions regarding changes to systems, it is essential to consider the perspectives of the end users in change management.

When I was an IT manager, the concept of change management was essential in determining when we would propagate upgrades or shifts to new systems. The migration from installed software to web-based applications like Google Apps and Word 365 have taken much of that control away from local IT leaders.

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However, the concepts behind orderly and thoughtful change management are still important and need to be given due consideration by IT leadership.

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