Students are working on a project in a group, demonstrating PBL in school.

5 ways to make sure PBL PD works

There's a right and a wrong way to approach PBL--and PD can make all the difference

Project-based learning is gaining steam nationwide because of its effectiveness in helping students build 21st-century skills. But there is a difference between just doing a project and doing effective, high-quality PBL.

When our school district, Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia, embarked on a district-wide PBL initiative three years ago, we wanted to make sure we were doing the latter and we knew that doing good PBL required the right training. You can send your teachers to a million training sessions on a topic, but they still may struggle if those sessions aren’t high quality.

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In order to get effective training, we partnered with the nonprofit PBLWorks to provide PBL PD to our staff and help us scale our initiative.

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