Here are some assessment trends to watch during the new school year.

5 assessment trends to track this year

With a look toward innovation and more equity, assessment trends will move away from stale processes in the 2019-2020 school year

The new school year has already started in some states, and students will return to classrooms over the next few weeks in other states. As the new year kicks off, there are a few assessment trends educators will want to track.

Some assessment trends might include new perspectives on what it means to gauge student learning, rethinking the value of traditional tests and turning instead to innovative methods. Others will focus on equity and student disengagement.

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NWEA‘s CEO and other experts are offering some predictions around assessment trends and what may gain momentum this school year.

1. A paradigm shift in assessment, moving beyond measuring learning to fostering it.

“Education is seeing a shift in thinking around school accountability and the assessments that are part of that equation. Education leaders and policymakers alike will begin to look for more effective approaches that eliminate the barrier between assessments that measure school performance and those that drive student learning.

Laura Ascione

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