Last year, my school started sending “welcome back to school” videos to our families to generate excitement among students before they came to campus for Open House. Even though they didn’t necessarily know who their teacher was going to be, the kids fell in love with every single teacher in those videos, because there’s power in seeing people’s faces and hearing their voices.

The other purpose for the “welcome back to school” videos was to share some major changes in school procedures that we made last year. We wanted a lighthearted way to prepare students and parents for what they were going to walk into, so it didn’t just hit them in the face.

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3 things that can be helped with "welcome back to school" videos

To share the videos, we sent a postcard with a QR code to every family. Scanning the code gave them access to three videos: an introduction from the admin team, a greeting from the teachers at their grade level, and a special message from me. Here’s how each of those “welcome back to school” videos made our school a happier place to be.

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Tracey Smith is the principal at Brookwood Elementary School in Forsyth County, Georgia, where they use the 7 Mindsets portal to help choose their mindset of the year. Follow her on Twitter: @tbsmith01.

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