As classroom teachers, we are always on the lookout for new resources and services that will benefit every student in our school. One day we encountered an edtech resource that would deliver curated, safe, and vetted digital media to teachers that would empower them to create dynamic digital learning environments for their students.

While we knew the addition of this resource–Discovery Education Experience–would drastically shift the work and culture of our staff, thanks to incredibly supportive peers and administrators at both the school and district level, we felt inspired and empowered to create a path that would bring this service to our school while drastically shifting the work and culture of our staff. Together, we worked for change while delivering this valued instructional resource.

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Here are the steps we took to convince our school system to bring the resources we wanted for our students to our classrooms:

Step 1: Did the homework

First, you need to make sure there really is a need for the edtech resource you want. Together we carefully researched the services our school already had to make sure what we wanted was not already available. Then, we polled our colleagues to get a sense of their thoughts and found, like us, they wanted the type of service we sought and that they would make great use of it.

About the Author:

Jennifer Tatum and Emily Fagan teach and work together in North Carolina public schools. They continue their growth with the resource, Discovery Education. You can find them attending DE Summer Institutes, presenting at local and state conferences, and daily in their classroom changing how they use digital media.