The number 10 signifies the beginning of our countdown of edtech tools and strategies.

10, 9, 8…We’re counting down edtech tools and strategies

Check out this unique spin on a countdown--you'll find edtech tools and strategies aligned with innovation, STEAM, and more

Do you love numbers? Do you love countdowns? If so, keep reading this story–we’ve put together a countdown of sorts that focuses on edtech tools and classroom strategies.

Each component of our countdown features resources you’re likely to find helpful as an administrator or classroom teacher. Need 10 strategies to get students ready for the future? Or maybe you’re interested in 9 ways to create and manage better makerspaces.

Whatever your focus, we’re pretty confident you’ll find some new edtech tools to explore or some new classroom management strategies to test out this year. So, dive in, explore the resources we’ve gathered, and find some inspiration!

10 things teachers can do today to prepare students for the future
In 2008, I read Clayton Christensen’s Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns. It inspired me to think about changes in education that would benefit students by transforming teaching and learning and I was excited about the possibilities. Technology advancements promised to make a great impact to initiate change in the classroom, but now we are faced with a newer set of obstacles.

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