An engaging learning experience in which students are fully immersed in the content is driven by six variables, according to new research.

The State of Engagement 2019 report, from edtech SaaS provider GoGuardian, features insight from hundreds of students, teachers, school leaders, and IT administrators to identify the specific factors contibuting to an engaging learning experience.

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Research has demonstrated that an engaging learning experience increases students’ attention and focus and motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills. Additionally, engaged students typically have lower rates of delinquency, substance use, and depression.

“Our goal was to understand how, when and where engaging learning is taking place. This is critical to how educators and technology can help advance students in our tech-focused society,” says Mariana Aguilar, lead researcher at GoGuardian. “We’ve found that engagement is a multidimensional concept that can’t be captured by a single indicator or factor; rather, it is a number of variables intersecting all at once. For example, key elements can both enable student engagement and indicate that a highly engaging learning experience is underway. You can’t parse them apart.”

Laura Ascione
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