This cable shows why school network security and management are important.

Back to class: Can your school network handle it?

Here are five pain points to double-check as your school network braces for the return of students and teachers this year

Traditional teaching methods are fading, replaced with digital learning initiatives and mobile computing. Embracing this tech-friendly environment is more complicated than finding room in the budget for new laptops, Chromebooks, or iPads. IT administrators and schools as a whole need to know how new devices will impact an existing school network, and what work needs to be done to ensure the network grows along with, or faster than, new digital learning demands.

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Here are five important practices for optimized Wi-Fi performance.

Workflow processes for troubleshooting

There are a few different troubleshooting approaches. They include the manual effort: working from the top down; working from the bottom up; comparing devices that are working well with devices that are malfunctioning; or following packets from source to destination.

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