Spotting a converted school bus on the road is always a cool experience. What replaced those beloved rows of seats, and how did the vision for such a project originate?

Many people use a converted school bus as the foundation for a tiny house, others create traveling vacation homes, and others use a converted school bus for charitable or educational purposes.

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But a school bus doesn’t have to stop being associated with learning just because it no longer transports students back and forth from school and field trips. Some educators and education organizations use converted school buses as an opportunity to start learning labs ranging from STEM education to art studios.

6 examples of how a converted school bus can transform learning

1. The STEAM Bus is an innovative project which helps children grasp scientific concepts through fun and learning. Through the support of Columbia Public Schools (MO), the STEAM Bus travels to students to bring more STEM-related learning to the classroom and better prepare children for their futures. The converted school bus can accommodate up to 25 kids at a time and features a variety of tools including 3D printers, virtual reality goggles, and micro:bits. Since it’s inception in 2015, the STEAM Bus has served more than 5,000 students within the district’s elementary and middle schools, as well as in neighboring districts in Boone County.

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