If professional development (PD) is a critical element to every edtech implementation, why is it so often poorly attended? Our experience is that a teacher-centric approach to developing a PD plan for tech integration is most effective.

Here are four strategies that all districts and schools can use to build out their own PD offerings in way that keeps teachers across all grades engaged and learning:

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1. Focus on your curriculum and instructional goals. Technology should play a supporting role in the implementation of new and innovative instructional strategies that make lessons more effective and engaging for students. The best technology training is not about technology, but about learning goals and purposeful use of technology to enhance and extend these goals. Of course, some foundational tech skills are necessary, but the main focus of edtech PD should be on instruction, not technology.

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Dr. Aleksandra Leis is the CEO of EOS Education, a subsidiary of Boxlight Corporation, a provider of interactive technology solutions for the global education market.

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