Heritage High School in Loudoun County, Va., introduced the software, called e-Hallpass, in September as a way to track trips to the bathroom, the nurse’s office, the principal or other places on campus. It collects the data for each student’s comings and goings so approved administrators can see pass histories or look for patterns.

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2. Via Science Daily:

Preparing elementary school students for active citizenship in an increasingly digital world requires introducing them to the latest technologies, but engaging those same kids in the classroom and involving their parents and caregivers in the process is more than a matter of providing children with access to the latest electronic devices.

Tablets and laptops have their educational virtues, according to Annahita Ball, an assistant professor in the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, but her research suggests they have limitations as well.

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3. From Forbes:

4 things impacting edtech this week

The digital revolution is transforming the education sector. Instead of textbooks, students are using online platforms for learning. And instead of attending a class when they want to study a new language, they are downloading an app.

Global education technology (edtech) is one of the fastest growing sectors, expected to be worth $252 billion by 2020, according to EdTechXGlobal, with a diverse population of startups disrupting traditional education, as we know it.

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Educators often say they learn best from their peers, and national or regional conferences are a great way to collaborate and network. Unfortunately, costs are often high. The STEMposium brings together stakeholders and policymakers who are passionate about STEM education. Nationally recognized speakers will provide the launching pad to tackle current issues. Cities include Seattle, Pittsburgh, and New Orleans. Registration fees are as low as $100 for teams of 3-5, and $125 for individuals. Register here. https://nise.institute/stemposium/

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