With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now’s the time for principals like me to take a moment to be grateful. It’s also a time to inspire an attitude of gratitude among teachers and students.

At my school, Brookwood Elementary, our mindset of the year is “Live to Give,” so our social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons this fall have been focused on serving each other and the community. One of the many benefits of sharing our skills with others is that it makes us grateful for what we have and, more importantly, who we are. Here’s how we’re putting four tenets of the 7 Mindsets’ “Attitude of Gratitude” into action.

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Here's how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude with teachers and students

1) Treasure yourself. Learning to value yourself starts with asking, “What am I good at?” Whether they are quirky, dry, or introverted, we want our students and teachers to see that they are wonderfully made. As part of our SEL lessons, we spend a week finding what students are good at and what’s important to them.

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Tracey Smith is the principal at Brookwood Elementary School in Forsyth County, Georgia. Follow her on Twitter: @tbsmith01.

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