It’s one thing to realize that you need more digital learning in your classroom, but it’s quite another thing to do the research and put in the time to learn how to effectively incorporate digital tools in a way that improves student success.

In Alabama’s Opelika City Schools, digital learning is an integral part of the school day, from classrooms and professional learning to behind the scenes in offices and IT operations.

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“We are a district that doesn’t buy tech tools as standalones–everything works together toward a common goal,” says Stacy Royster, the district’s technology director. “We’re very collaborative and interactive in nature.”

Here are five ways the district makes sure digital learning and student success are priorities.

1. Lightspeed Systems‘ Relay Classroom helps district teachers manage different devices in their classrooms and filter content. Students can work on assignments in Google Classroom, and teachers can use Relay to view students’ screens and open tabs or send assignment-related links to students. It also lets teachers spot conversation-worthy topics on students’ screens as they’re working.

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