What does it take to turn around a chronically under-performing school? If you ask educators at Moseley Elementary School, it takes determined school leaders and teachers with the ability to give students a purpose each day–and a strategy called academic teaming.

William D. Moseley Elementary School has a history of struggle. Its student population is fairly transient, and 100 percent of students are on free and reduced lunch. Twenty-five percent receive special education services and many students have deficiencies in key skill areas. Combined, those factors led to a large student population working through trauma that impacts their ability to learn.

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The school, in a rural area of Florida, had a consistently low performance record, falling somewhere between a D and an F for years. In 2016 it was the fifth lowest-performing in the state, prompting Putnam County Schools to hire Learning Sciences International (LSI) to help improve the school’s performance.

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