Today’s educators are challenged with keeping students engaged in their learning to help them build the knowledge and employability skills they’ll need to be successful. But how do teachers accomplish this tall task and make learning irresistible? The answer lies in the effective use of multimedia learning tools.

Technology on its own cannot engage students, but when multimedia learning tools are used by a highly-trained teacher, classrooms come alive and students become entirely immersed in their learning.

What’s more, as they create projects and use different media to learn and investigate new concepts, students develop technology skills they can rely on as they progress through school and enter the workforce.

A look at multimedia learning tools in classrooms

Video, graphics, digital presentations–there’s no shortage of multimedia learning tools. And once educators take a leap and use multimedia in place of traditional delivery formats, the possibilities are endless.

Students can use blogs, podcasts, or videos to submit assignments. Often, this encourages students who might otherwise feel stressed or pressured presenting in front of others. It also helps students see how their work evolves, which helps them evaluate their own academic progress.

At Lewis Central Community School District in Council Bluffs, Iowa, students use Soundtrap for podcasting. Podcasting, district teachers say, helps students develop effective listening, problem solving, research, writing and speaking skills.

Multimedia learning tools are a critical part of learning--here's why

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