For many teachers, edtech translates to visuals and video. But during the edWebinar “Voice Devices and Beyond in the Classroom,” the presenters made the case for using voice technology in schools to assist with all types of activities, from practicing math to classroom management–and more important, to improve listening comprehension skills.

Learning is evolving on several fronts with regards to technology. First, educators recognize that students are moving beyond just acquiring information to gaining knowledge, where they’ve absorbed information and can put it into practice. In addition, most teachers acknowledge and use a multisensory approach to learning, providing materials for students to fit their learning style.

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Voice-activated devices are part of a newer group of tech called immersive learning. According to the presenters from Moonshot by Pactera, “immersive learning takes the learner to the most realistic learning situations without the constraints of reality providing the ability to gain information and utilize information in the best way for them.”

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