Multimedia learning tools play an important role in classrooms in a number of ways–including, but not limited to, boosting creativity, encouraging student engagement, and helping students learn to collaborate.

Shy students may come out of their shells when allowed to give a presentation via blog post or podcast. Natural leaders may emerge during group work as part of a team presentation assignment. Other students may find their true artistic calling using graphics or creating videos in the classroom.

Multimedia learning tools engage students, and as we all know, students who are engaged in their learning often demonstrate higher academic achievement and take more ownership of their learning.

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Because there are so many tools and teachers have limited time, we’ve compiled this list of multimedia resources to get you started on your search.

1. Adobe Spark: Students can use existing templates for an assignment or as personal inspiration. Students choose design themes, drop in photos, add text, and more. Projects can be safely shared with peers and teachers. Step-by-step lessons help educators meet curricular objectives and add creativity to the classroom.

15 multimedia learning tools for the classroom

2. Casio: Casio’s education solutions aim to deliver flexibility as they support active learning and collaboration. To help alleviate the challenge of technology set-ups, Casio’s LampFree Network Model projectors offer a variety of features designed to reduce set-up time in the classroom and keep students focused on the curriculum.  Casio’s blog also offers tips and tutorials.

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