This graduation cap and globe illustrates how online learning can be global.

Six things I learned bringing online learning to international schools

With the right platform, online learning offers a number of opportunities for students and instructors

For the last 15 years, I’ve been introducing schools all around the world to the value of online learning. It started at the Colegio Internacional de Caracas in Venezuela, when I first discovered the courses from global nonprofit VHS Learning.

We began offering online courses to our students for enrichment. As a relatively small international school, we liked the opportunities that the platform offered us and the fact that our kids could take part in courses that we couldn’t offer.

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I also liked the opportunities that the online platform presented for teachers—so much so that I enrolled in a graduate course in online learning and taught VHS’ World Religions course for several years. In the years that followed, I’ve used online learning to help fill in coursework gaps, offer a broader range of subjects, and help students take credit recovery courses to graduate on time.

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