Everyone has been to school and has their own image of what a classroom should look like. And depending on their background and experience, not everyone is supportive of tech-infused learning. But 1:1 initiatives, BYOD, and tech-supported education are today’s reality.

During the edWebinar “Leading Digital Learning: Successful Strategies for 1:1 Implementations,” the presenters focused on how to get buy-in from within the school and across the community to improve chances for success and sustainability with 1:1 initiatives.

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First, of course, superintendents and school leaders need to be clear on the “why.” When everyone in the school and community can explain it, they are more likely to support it. They are also more likely to back 1:1 initiatives when the focus is on the learning and how to leverage tech to support it, rather than just on what device to get.

The “why,” explained the presenters, should always be about impacting students’ education. Another benefit of everyone understanding the “why” of 1:1 initiatives is realized when considering potential hurdles. No matter how well-planned the initiative, there are bound to be slip-ups and errors. Schools need a supportive team of educators (and students and parents) who will keep their attention on the end goal and not use the problems as an excuse to ditch the plan.

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