As teachers, we only have so many hours in the day to engage and teach our students. One of the most common questions that I hear from fellow teachers mapping out their first year of using an online ELA platform is, “How do I structure my daily routines and schedule around the core instructional path in a way that builds academic achievement?”

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For me, the key to maintaining this pace lies in my weekly routine. Here are the four key pillars that I focus on:

1. Plan it out in advance. I currently teach all four of the Core StudySync units, including the Extended Writing Prompts, within one academic year. Each unit is taught for six weeks, and is followed by a book study. This year, we chose 1984, Hunger Games, and Chasing Lincoln’s Killer. Many of my peers have marveled at the amount of content that I can cover with students.

About the Author:

Michelle Sale is an eighth-grade ELA teacher at the Helen Stacey Middle School in California.

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