The best conferences are generally those that expand your thinking, reframe a current problem, provide practical recommendations, and encourage networking.

This list is not a review of the largest education conferences – those with large exhibitor halls that host the same people year after year. Instead, this is a list for education leaders interested in cultural, organizational, or instructional transformation.

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If that sounds like you – think about trying something other than the big education conferences and consider any one of the following events:

Southwest Airlines Culture Connection – Hosted by Southwest Airlines annually in October, this event showcases the learnings of the airline, including their approaches to recruitment and celebrations and onboarding.

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Ben Politzer is the Senior Director of Marketing at Education Elements and is interested in connecting people to the right supports. He is a former teacher and school principal. He loves new ideas, new ways of looking at problems, and is forever learning how to be a better dad, leader, and marketer.

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