If we have the ability to help make a student’s dreams come true, what’s stopping us from doing so?

That’s something I wondered when I was a high school student, because in my town, I wasn’t able to compete in a FIRST Robotics competition until I was in ninth grade. Of course, I was grateful I had that opportunity at all – so many students still don’t – but I knew that had I participated sooner, I would have benefited from earlier exposure to the important STEM skills robotics can teach.

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That’s why I’ve made it my duty to turn that question into action over the last few years, using the wonders of 21st-century technology to help students here and all around the world take advantage of all that robotics has to offer. It’s also why I encourage educators everywhere to ask themselves the same, challenging them to see how they can better serve their students, through robotics and beyond, simply by accessing existing resources.

About the Author:

Carter Herman is currently a Cadet Third Class (sophomore) at the United States Air Force Academy studying aeronautical engineering.