Over the past weeks, we’ve been talking with school and district leaders as they continue to navigate these new challenges we’re all facing. As students adapt to a new way of learning from home, it’s important to recognize that the pressure to succeed remains, now amplified without their usual means of support.

In addition, parents are struggling to understand the best way to support their children and are desperately seeking guidance and structure from the educators leading this change.

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Here at the Instructure Center for Leadership and Learning, we have been consulting with countless school leaders and our own internal experts to learn more about how we can support educators as they strive to find common ground.

Ultimately, we realized a successful transition to learning from home begins with a desire to make learning personal for each student.

About the Author:

Trenton co-founded MasteryConnect after more than twenty years as a public school teacher and principal. With its acquisition by Instructure in 2019, Trenton now serves as VP of K-12 Learning. He remains a passionate advocate for K-12 educators, supporting schools and districts in implementing mastery learning, PLCs, and effective assessment strategies.