Like many school districts, ours has been shut down since March 13th. All 53 schools are closed and all 34,000 of our Pre-K-12 students—about 65 percent of whom qualify for free or reduced lunch—are home. Also like many school districts, we weren’t totally prepared for a shift to 100 percent online and remote learning.

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The good news is that while we are all separated from our schools and students right now, we have specific platforms in place to support students’ remote learning. By combining our StudySync English language arts (ELA) curriculum with some other strategic moves, we’ve been able to support remote learning pretty quickly. Here’s how we did it:

1. Set up a command central for instruction materials. We have to give kudos to our K-12 curriculum and instruction specialists, who came together to form the best group of educational professionals we’ve ever worked with. Working with our team we started pulling together materials that could be printed.

About the Author:

Sharon Griffith is a middle school Curriculum Specialist/English Language Arts for Durham Public Schools and Heidi Perez is a Secondary Literacy Specialist at Durham Public Schools.