When I came on board as Georgetown High School’s Media Specialist three years ago, the school was in the planning stages for a revamped media center. The existing library featured solid oak desks and shelves, which had served our school well when students generally only came to the media center to study or read. I wanted the new space to support the most modern and innovative learning and teaching strategies and technologies.

We wanted to make the space into a hub for our high school, of which I am a proud graduate. I stepped in at a great time because I was given a lot of latitude to make changes, even though I wasn’t really sure what I wanted or needed at the time.

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Here’s what I did know: before the renovation, we had a giant circulation desk situated smack in the center of the space. Fixed in place, that desk dominated the space as soon as you walked into the media center. We also had some specific needs around having enough room for the entire faculty to meet in the library once a month, ensuring ample charging capabilities for students, and being able to quickly turn the space into an area where we could host cultural dances and performances.

About the Author:

George Geer is Media Specialist at Georgetown High School at the Georgetown County School District in South Carolina.