As esports teams grow in popularity, there are more resources and tips to help students and their teams achieve success.

There are many things that go into an esports team’s success: students’ academic success, their ability to work together and collaborate, their ability to care for equipment and tools, and their commitment to practice and hone their skills.

Here are 11 tips for student success as schools launch esports teams.

1. Scholarships are yours for the taking: Schools at the varsity level that have esports programs often have scholarship programs that go unclaimed. Students often feel that their rank isn’t high enough or they lack the experience to qualify, which isn’t necessarily the case. While you may not get your full tuition paid, by seeking out schools and tapping into their support resources, many students are likely to find that they actually qualify for a scholarship.

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2. Train like you mean it: Like any other sport, focused practice makes perfect, but not all practice will lead to perfection. It is essential for anyone interested in pursuing a career in esports to focus their playtime: structure ranked matches, make time to practice regularly with a team, and allow for extra tournament play to get that valuable experience that varsity esports teams look for.

About the Author:

Mason Mullenioux co-founded the High School Esports League in 2012 and has served as its CEO through multiple growth stages, including a tech platform build-out and evolution into global esports organization Generation Esports.