Joe Kuzo is as ready as he will ever be. As Tech Director for the Quakertown Community School District in suburban Philadelphia (PA), which includes nine schools, he’s been shepherding students, parents, and faculty through the chaos and has his sights set on fall.

In this conversation with eSchool News, Joe lays out some strategies that should help any district get through this madness.

eSN: You’re having a nice, quiet summer right?

JK: <laughing> Yeah, right. I’ve been in meetings since eight o’clock this morning with our cabinet team and our administrative team. And I have a meeting right after this and then we have a board meeting tonight at seven.

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Flexibility is key when it comes to COVID

eSN: What has the pandemic adjustment been like for your district?

JK: So the online learning piece by itself, we’ve done for a while in varying capacity. About 12 years ago, we had started our online cyber school. It was all our teachers, all our students, all our curriculum. We still offer it in some capacity, but not full-blown, like we used to. As far as remote learning, we’ve also had an LMS with curriculum for probably the past 12 or so years. So teachers were familiar with that.

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