How one district changed the rules to not just survive, but thrive, in “the new normal”

Hard work is helping these schools thrive during COVID-19

How one district changed the rules to help its schools not just survive, but thrive, in “the new normal” brought on by COVID-19

Eileen Belastock has been waiting for this moment, just not under these circumstances. As Director of Academic Technology for Mount Greylock Regional School District, which serves 1,250 students in western Massachusetts, she has all along been advocating for teacher buy-in to the use of tech and the need for every student to have devices and access to the internet.

All it took was a global pandemic for everyone else to agree with her.

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In this conversation with eSchool News, Eileen talks about how all these disruptive changes may end up improving the way we teach and learn.

eSN: We always like to get the inside scoop of the glamorous life of tech directors. What’s on the agenda today?

EB: Well, that accounts for the outfit. I’m in the library. All my seniors brought back their Chromebooks, so we’re trying to get an inventory of what we have to distribute. We’re using a lot of alcohol wipes and trying to get stickers off all those lovely things. And over the summer, we’re going to distribute Chromebooks to every student in the district, whether they have a device at home or not.

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