K-12 school districts are already dealing with the exponential growth of the data they handle. They now face the added complexity of school closures and a rapid shift to online learning which has put them under even more pressure to manage and protect their data and data infrastructure.

The sudden upsurge in remote learning has increased reliance on digital content, connected services, and online apps. For instance, teachers are now recording their lessons and delivering them online. Most of this new content and data are unstructured, and educational institutions are discovering that their traditional storage solutions are not up to managing it all.

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COVID-19 has made it clear that digital transformation is not a nice-to-have—it is an absolute necessity – and educational institutions don’t get a hall pass. They must evolve their approach to teaching and enhance their digital learning environments to offer better support to students, professors, and staff, most of whom have no choice but to operate remotely.

About the Author:

Sean Derrington is the Senior Director of Product Management for StorageCraft.