Why did you go into education? I bet it was because you love teaching and inspiring young minds. However, these days teachers are faced with an increased focus on academic benchmarks, state testing–and currently, major changes with the switch to virtual learning.

This shift in focus is causing an increase in teacher stress due to the workload, and the teacher shortage this year is at the highest we have seen in decades. How does an educator teach the important academic skills that will be measured on formative assessments, but also the meaningful life skills that will prepare each student for their future?

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Social and emotional learning, or SEL for short, is an essential part of a student’s overall education. Targeting the development of skills like managing emotions, communication, responsible decision making, and character development is essential for success in life.

It’s important to remember that students develop socially and emotionally at the same time as they develop academically. That’s why it’s crucial to integrate SEL skills into the daily instruction you’re offering to your students.

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Along with teaching for 13 years with most of her experience in the primary grades, Ashlyn is also a contributor for hand2mind’s teach@home program, as well as the designer and teacher author of The Creative Classroom.

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